Thank you for visiting our website. From this book, your children will learn more than the fact that police officers are their friends. They will learn to view local law enforcement as an essential component of their community and to feel secure when seeing them, understanding they are there to help and serve. They will also learn that respect and kindness are keys to developing lasting friendships with their peers.

Love of family and country, respect for authority and civic responsibility are essential components which help make up a successful society. So, teach your child that police officers are their friends.  For the very simple reason…they are!

Boomer and Eddie

Invitation to Law Enforcement and Community Organizations

We want law enforcement to feel a sense of ownership of this mission to America. If you are a member of law enforcement, or a civic organization that would like our help in utilizing this product for schools and/or community policing, we offer special soft back perfect bound books, posters, and t-shirts to assist you.

Please contact us at:  Authors@ourpolicefriends.com

Our Police Friends Book Cover

8.25 x 10.25 Hardback 32 pages

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“I deeply appreciate Eddie Montgomery, Boomer, and all associated with this book for the excellent portrayal of the time honored positive values of respect, friendship, and responsibility toward law enforcement. This book will help all who read it become more familiar with some elemental founding principles important to our United States of America.”
Howard P. Hunt III
Judge Executive, Boyle County, Kentucky
Brigadier General USAF, Ret.

A Message To Parents And Guardians

When I see police officers in the community, I get a secure feeling because I know they are there to help and protect us. They keep our family safe while performing one of the toughest jobs in the world.

This is why we are proponents of introducing younger children to police officers. When we see them out in public, we should tell our children that these people are police officers and they are our friends and if you ever need help, go to them and they will help you. Doing such will not only give parents security when we are not there to protect them, but also teaches our children a love of family and country, respect for authority and civic responsibility. These are essential components which help make up a successful society.

Just like songs, books that rhyme can help a message stick to the mind. Along with our illustrations, we hope this message also finds a home in the heart of your child.

We have a vision for America and its children. That vision is for children to know they are loved and matter in life and for them to grow up to be positive and happy adults. Such attributes help give the fabric of society its strength. Together, we can all help develop a positive and winning attitude that will serve as a foundation for a successful and productive life.

So, teach your children that police officers are our friends. For a very simple reason, they are!

Eddie Montgomery

Authors and Illustrators

Eddie Montgomery

Eddie Montgomery is an actor, entertainer and songwriter known for being one half of the duo Montgomery Gentry, one of the most successful and longest running duos in country music. Known for the albums My Town, You Do Your Thing and Some People Change, they’ve been awarded the AMA, ACM and CMA duo of the year. In 2018 he was inducted into the Kentucky Country Music Hall of Fame and is a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Eddie continues performing and promoting projects for his community, state and country. As Eddie says, “It’s my way of life!” A native of central Kentucky he resides with his wife Jennifer in Danville, Kentucky.

Randy Gip Graham

Randy “Gip” Graham is an entrepreneur, author, and creator of the children’s book series, Boomer’s Positive Lessons on Living and Boomer’s Motivational Music for Children and the Family. Residing in his hometown of Danville, Kentucky, he hosts a radio program that focuses on leadership, as well as reflections and comments regarding local, state, and national issues.

Michael Southerland

Michael Southerland is an artist and owner of Southerland Art Studio. A native of central Kentucky, he resides with his wife, Laura Southerland, and children Gavin Southerland and Hannah Felty in his hometown of Danville. His artwork can be found through links on the website Ourpolicefriends.com, and on t-shirts at Amazon.com. He can be reached at Southerlandartstudio.com or Ourpolicefriends.com